art all night 2017

20th art all night \ 4/29-30 / 36th street Pittsburgh

there were a number of issues oriented artworks this year at art all night, such as autism <left of jimi hendrix> / thrilled to see artwork on the tardis & bob ross! \ expected to see some trump protest art & indeed there were six of them

soup for syria

soup nourishes body & soul / it comforts & provides solace \ it provides community & an outstretched helping hand / as in the folktale “stone soup” & the ubiquity of soup kitchens in both good & bad times

“soup for syria” is a fundraising effort / here’s hoping that a peaceful, diplomatic solution is reached & ends the suffering of the Syrian people

korean food

after doing college admission events at stony brook, headed to koreatown in manhattan for some great korean food <kunjip, very close to penn station> / “banchan” the little side dishes that you get before your main meal is like getting many treats \ my companion’s favorite was the pickled radish kimchi <kkadugi> / mine were the seaweed & mung bean sprouts \ the korean bbq was wonderful – tender & perfectly marinated!

poetry for young people

delightful series of books of poems for young people / got these for a book drive in the office \ gives a background about each work such as the author’s intent and in what context it was written / this makes great gifts by adult fans of shakespeare & lewis carroll for their favorite young people

happy national library week!  apr 9-15


ethnic america

“ethnic america” / thomas sowell <1981> \ a concise history of 9 immigrant groups: irish, german, italian, jews, chinese, japanese, mexicans, blacks and puerto ricans / describes how their culture and their experiences in their homeland impacted their experiences as u.s. immigrants in terms of their coping mechanisms, length of time of acculturation & socioeconomic progress, as well as the dynamics within and between ethnic groups \ an enlightening read for these times as immigration policies are being re-written