rehoboth beach ‘18

“little bird” / wood-aged bitches brew \ american brown ale weighty bricks / lavender-honey cupcake \ kale salad / memorable!

<This American brown ale is brewed from North American pale ale malt, Crystal Red Rye malt, chocolate malt and honey malt, and is amply dry-hopped with a variety of Denali hops. Its luscious malt character and bright citrus accents are layered with flavors of cocoa-dusted almonds and raisins.  Speaking of raisins, much of Weighty Bricks’ flavors and aromas come from special varietal raisins we sourced from a small family farm in California. Made from Timpson grapes, these raisins are sun dried and hand tended to ensure deep flavors that are bursting with rich, wine-like character.>

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