soup for syria

soup nourishes body & soul / it comforts & provides solace \ it provides community & an outstretched helping hand / as in the folktale “stone soup” & the ubiquity of soup kitchens in both good & bad times

“soup for syria” is a fundraising effort / here’s hoping that a peaceful, diplomatic solution is reached & ends the suffering of the Syrian people

korean food

after doing college admission events at stony brook, headed to koreatown in manhattan for some great korean food <kunjip, very close to penn station> / “banchan” the little side dishes that you get before your main meal is like getting many treats \ my companion’s favorite was the pickled radish kimchi <kkadugi> / mine were the seaweed & mung bean sprouts \ the korean bbq was wonderful – tender & perfectly marinated!

filipino food


filipino food is one of the predicted food trends in 2017! / what i cook at home:  adobo, lumpiang shanghai, lugaw (arroz caldo), camaron rebosado (battered shrimp), pancit palabok (seafood rice noodle), sinigang na isda (fish in sour broth), inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly), beef mechado, sizzling chicken (my mother’s concoction), pritong isda (pan fried fish)