xmas tradition

imageholidays on ice (1997) by humorist david sedaris contains “santaLand diaries” \ aired on public radio every year around christmastime, the reading of “santaLand diaries” is like the “twas the night before christmas” tradition of the npr crowd

“santaLand diaries” fictionalizes sedaris’s time working as an elf at macys \ my favorite part is when santa santa asks him to sing “away in a manger” for a little girl / like any helpful elf, he does – unlike other elves, he sings it a la billie holiday 🙂 \ always makes me laugh – just heard it on morning edition

merry xmas, happy holidays

peeps rowers red

to friends, teammates, colleagues, teachers & coaches:  i hope you are enjoying the holiday season & taking time to just chill out / merry christmas  happy holidays \ and in 2016 – keep on rowing * paddling * erging * biking * running * hiking * golfing * footballing * yoga’ing * swimming * or whatever it is you do to keep fit & sane 

to those of you who are finishing up the holiday erg challenge, keep going – yinz almost there!

the peeps crew in their winning form:


maligayang pasko

imagehuge colorfully lit “parol” & lantern-floats paraded around the academic oval of my alma mater the university of the philippines,  diliman campus <12.15.14> \ the u.p. lantern parade, first held in 1922, was one of my favorite christmas traditions …

i hope you are enjoying your traditions in this happy chill out season

::: merry christmas  happy holidays :::