grimm_renardthere were a lot of tears in our household on tuesday night / falling sick with flu-like symptoms right after that kept my mind off from my intense disappointment \ but not after reflecting on what happened / the formerly voiceless, economically dislocated citizens who have a bleak view of the future won this contest \ and my hope for the first female u.s. president was shot down / that desire seems like a vanity now, after knowing the places & people where & whom hillary lost \ it is far more important to address economic dislocation & insecurity than breaking the glass ceiling / but i certainly hope that this outcome did not & will not legitimize racism, misogyny & bigotry…

binge watching season 5 of grimm was quite therapeutic with its 22 episodes of fantasy & a few distorted parallels to the current reality \ in the final episodes, sean renard has been elected mayor of portland / he is a disfavored “royal” who is now on the side of the “black claw” \ the black claw seeks to change the world into one where “wesens” <creatures, mostly bad, told about in the legends, myths & folklore collected by the grimm brothers> do not have to hide their true selves from society <they actually should, since most of them are truly despicable \ the true believers are murderous, killing those who stand in their way, even their fellow wesens> / thus they covertly begin their route to legitimacy by getting renard elected into public office \ season 5 ends with the “hadrian wall” a secret federal agency formed to fight the black claw being decimated / it remains for detective nick burkhardt <the eponymous grimm> & likeminded associates to carry on the fight


a book of screenplays


four plays of ingmar bergman <1960> it was noted in the catalog page that the screenplays in this book are the same as the ones used in filming except that the original scripts contained the number of shots necessary for each sequence and that it contains sequences & dialogues that are not in the final film \ never seen any of these / reading the screenplays made me only mildly interested in watching the movies themselves

the shakespeare code

dr. who shakespeare1

happy birthday, will! / i was binge watching doctor who last night & episode 2/season 3 was “the shakespeare code” which weaves into the plot shakespeare’s lost work “love’s labour’s won” 🙂 \ delightfully funny  / love the one and only bard & the tenth doctor!

binge watching

binge seriesit was a habit formed from watching defunct tv series such as pbs’s “morse” & “foyle’s war” / thanks to amazon prime, i’ve kept up <sort of> with current pop culture \ i am a big fan of rod serling’s “twilight zone” and so the sci-fi|fantasy tv series “orphan black” “grimm” & “fringe” provide great thrills \ and i learned a few things as well

“orphan black” is admirable for the versatility of the actor tatiana maslany & the well-formed characters of the many clones / the set of episodes i have not yet watched is the storyline of the male clones \ looking forward to that

i have never been to portland & i noticed that the homes there, at least those featured in “grimm” tended to be my favored architecture & design which is the craftsman style / a quick google search says that craftman houses built in the 1910s & 1920s are popular in the inner east side of portland \ the neighborhood “ladd’s addition” apparently has ~240 craftsman homes

the premise of “grimm” is that some folks particularly the bad & criminal ones are descended from mythological creatures of the grimm fairytale type <“wesen” in the grimm world> / the “grimm” him|herself is a descendant of the “guardians” who over the centuries have kept the balance of humanity & mythology – by killing the wesen \ they are called grimm – an allusion to the german brothers who famously collected folktales & mythology / for indeed these guardians themselves documented in handwritten & illustrated manuscript these creatures – what they look like, their transgressions as well as their strengths & vulnerabilities / a set of these encyclopedia has been inherited by our present day protagonist-grimm, portland police detective nick burkhardt \ it is his very valuable reference for identifying wesen & guides him into properly fighting them off <i.e., what weapon or approach to use> \ wesen are visible only to grimms & so the manual is really very helpful

of special interest to me is season 13 episode 4 “mommie dearest” where the “aswang”  <a creature of filipino folk tales which was very scary to me as a child> is featured  \ the aswang <or manananggal> is a woman who leaves the lower half of her body to fly to the roof of a pregnant woman’s home / from the roof, she would extend her tongue to reach the womb of a sleeping pregnant woman & suck up her unborn child \ to kill the aswang, spreading garlic on the bottom half that she left behind is supposed to do the trick / stylistic changes were made to the grimm aswang to make it more “realistic” <for example, the aswang‘s tensile tongue likely cannot penetrate the roofing of u.s. houses the way it can the philippine “nipa hut”> \ it was very cool to see some of my culture on mainstream american tv / and this is thanks to the filipino actor reggie lee who plays the supporting role of detective wu & suggested the aswang as a storyline \ apparently he suggested other philippine folkloric|mythical creatures/ i wonder which ones they were: tikbalang, kapre, tiyanak, dwende or nuno sa punso? among many others to choose from…

my latest binge-watch is “fringe” <directed by j.j. abrams of the latest “star wars”> \ as in fringe science / dr. walter bishop played by john noble <memorable as denethor in the movie version of “lord of the rings”> is the resident <literally> “mad” scientist who is consultant to the FBI fringe team led by agent olivia dunham \ i will soon find out in season 2 that agent dunham & other key characters are entangled in a parallel universe or alternate reality / very cooool!!!! \ we had the original “twilight zone” from  1959-1964 & its first revival in 1985-1989 and the “x-files” from 1993-2002 / i think “fringe” <2008-2013> ably carried the torch for this genre