didn’t know what to expect / i don’t know the music of drake & would not recognize it even after the concert \  but mashups are creative & fun to listen to if it works / this one does \ some parts felt like listening to opera \ i also couldn’t help but think of queen’s “bohemian rhapsody” / fun to think that the concert brought together some who knew only Tchaikovsky, some who knew only drake & some who knew of both

eastend mile


chanced upon this really good local band at “rock the block” street festival in squirrel hill <mr. rogers’ neighborhood in pittsburgh> on a beautiful full moon evening \ they remind me of the pop fusion | smooth jazz bands of the 80s / so surprising to me that the band is made up of twentysomethings \ whom i assume have an aversion to whatever their parents appreciated in their youth / & especially smooth jazz <think kenny g, ugh> \ but eastend mile is worth a listen / pretty solid band, solid sax player!

record store day pt2

tusk fleetwood mac

the other album i got from goodwill today was fleetwood mac’s 1979 experimental album “tusk” / i did not know any of the tracks listed, at least that’s what i thought \ until i heard “sara” / googling, i found that today, 2016 record store day, is when fleetwood mac reissues “alternate tusk” \ how weird is that?  for me to find & select this record from a stack of old unwanted vinyl / and “sara” is just beautiful

thrival @carrie furnace

thrival festival 2016

thrilled to learn that the 4th thrival innovation & music festival will be held at the historic carrie furnace / new music played in the site of pittsburgh’s great steel heritage

beer to drink music to

dogfish record store day beer

i could not resist a dogfish belgian tripel named “beer to drink music to” / then i found out that this is the official beer of “record store day” which is april 16 \ and i am a big fan of vinyl, dogfish & belgian tripels! / btdmt was great! with tabbouleh salad & wings and radiohead head “king of limbs” <on vinyl>

Beer To Drink Music To
Our liquid tribute to Record Store Day, Beer To Drink Music To was created as the perfect beer for fans to pair with their favorite songs. Utilizing ingredients inspired by some of our favorite tunes, the four primary ingredients (orange peel, peppercorns, candi sugar, and cardamom) were inspired by the following: Orange Crush by REM, Sgt. Pepper by The Beatles, Sugar On My Tongue by Talking Heads, and Mock Song by Phish. The result is a Belgian-style Tripel and a perfect marriage between beer and music.