pittsford sprints

our first race of the season! / 1200 meters on the erie canal \ it was like our channel at washington’s landing / they also have what looks like our railroad bridge \ and instead of residences, there were businesses along the walking|bike path laid out in a touristy fashion / this is pittsford ny, near rochester, really nice place \ worth a visit or stopover if going upstate

on the water!

tonight was our (2day mixed masters) second time on the water / last tuesday was the first & it was just february! \ in past years, mid-april was the earliest that we rowed on the river / i suppose it’s thanks to climate change|global warming \ it is so good to be back on the water!

happy thanksgiving

holidaychallenge2016the holiday erg challenge starts today on thanksgiving & ends on christmas eve \ row <on the erg> & the charity of your choice gets $ from concept2 <2 cents per 1k for 100,000 meters which goes up to 4 cents per 1k after 100k> / the charity i chose this year is the “one acre fund” to help small farmers in africa

happy thanksgiving!  good time to reflect & appreciate the things that we take for granted when we’re caught up with the everyday business of life…




2016 head of the occoquan


our last race of the season thankfully was on a beautiful sunny day with temp in the mid-60s  / team dinner was at a popular georgetown bar “the tombs” <with rowing theme decor & was inspiration for the bar in the movie st. elmo’s fire> \ our cox was a pittsburgh high school senior whose 4+ team won gold at last month’s head of the charles

skeleton crew

skeleton-crewRow and/or ski at least 31,000 meters between October 25 and October 31 to get on the honor board and receive your certificate.  | rowing machine on the doomed titanic <1912>

still have about 10,000 to go with two days left \ great way to keep fit for the head of the occoquan, our last regatta for the season / we’ll be headed indoors in just a few weeks 😦


2016 HOTO Masters


Allegheny River | Pittsburgh PA

no rain this year! warm & sunny, absolutely beautiful day for HOTO / hope that tomorrow, when the kids race, will be the same \ shells come out of the channel & go around herr’s island <aka washington’s landing> / the race route is towards the point, past pnc park & the convention center  \ the last quarter markers are the “3 sisters bridges” / and ends before the fort duquesne bridge

2016 hoto


30th Head of the Ohio | Allegheny River, Pittsburgh PA | October 1-2, 2016

RACE COURSE: The 2.6 mile course is on the Allegheny River. This year rowers will race downstream, finishing just before the Ft Duquesne Bridge on the south shore of the Allegheny River, just about 500 meters from the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers in downtown Pittsburgh. The actual finish line will be marked by a tent located on the trail beside the river. The start line will return to the mooring cell located near the top of Washington’s Landing on the right descending bank of the island. Rowers will pass under 8 bridges while racing along the same section of the river as the previous 29 years. As the course passes along the south shore of the Allegheny River, spectators can view the race. The course is followed on the north shore by the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. On the south shore the trail is currently open from the Convention Center to the finish line and into Point State Park. In addition, viewing can take place from many of the bridges.