my space going the way of myspace

open workspace

my architect rowmate has unknowingly agitated me by reminding me that my happy days of having an office in the workplace are numbered / his firm’s latest project was to design a prominent accounting firm’s new corporate headquarters \  the trend in recent years has been open workspace and low walled cubicles < if there are cubes at all > rendering workers with little or no private space in the name of “collaborative work” / ugh | doesn’t management understand that open space is not for everybody?

being an analyst and researcher, most of the time i spend working requires focused concentration <reading papers, writing code and analyzing data>   \  i have a little over two years to enjoy my space <and my view of pnc park and the allegheny river>  / though pictures of open workspaces look nice, search results show much negative sentiment among workers  \ there probably is not much that workers can do to reverse this cost-savings trend / but if privacy becomes a perk, maybe it will soon become a part of job negotiations…

jan 2014 new yorker article on the detrimental effect of open workspace:!