didn’t know what to expect / i don’t know the music of drake & would not recognize it even after the concert \  but mashups are creative & fun to listen to if it works / this one does \ some parts felt like listening to opera \ i also couldn’t help but think of queen’s “bohemian rhapsody” / fun to think that the concert brought together some who knew only Tchaikovsky, some who knew only drake & some who knew of both

dictator’s handbook

“the dictator’s handbook: why bad behavior is almost always good politics” <2011> bruce bueno de mesquita & alastair smith / cynical & thoughtful framework for explaining the business of politics, & how and why a politician  <autocrat or democrat> behaves the way s|he does \ autocrats privately reward small coalitions (i.e., those who bring them to power) while democrats work with large coalitions whom s|he rewards with public goods

eyeopening – & i could not help but agree – is that foreign aid is the way rich nations buy policy concessions abroad \ how else explain the non-progress of countries who have been receiving aid for decades from the world bank & imf? / reading the book made me reflect about the marcos years  in the philippines which the u.s. supported & aided until, as the framework predicted, marcos was on his way out – he was terminally ill & consequently losing the support of his cronies & the military

on the water!

tonight was our (2day mixed masters) second time on the water / last tuesday was the first & it was just february! \ in past years, mid-april was the earliest that we rowed on the river / i suppose it’s thanks to climate change|global warming \ it is so good to be back on the water!

filipino food


filipino food is one of the predicted food trends in 2017! / what i cook at home:  adobo, lumpiang shanghai, lugaw (arroz caldo), camaron rebosado (battered shrimp), pancit palabok (seafood rice noodle), sinigang na isda (fish in sour broth), inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly), beef mechado, sizzling chicken (my mother’s concoction), pritong isda (pan fried fish)