faithful companion

day 3 at rehoboth beach

Faithful Companion is a light and refreshing ale steeped in tradition and goodness. This summer pleasure smells of inviting citrus and light caramel, offering the promise of great flavor to come. It’s light on the palate with an artfully balanced blend of caramel malt sweetness, citrusy hop and easy bitterness, and has a clean, dry finish.

rehoboth beach ‘18

“little bird” / wood-aged bitches brew \ american brown ale weighty bricks / lavender-honey cupcake \ kale salad / memorable!

<This American brown ale is brewed from North American pale ale malt, Crystal Red Rye malt, chocolate malt and honey malt, and is amply dry-hopped with a variety of Denali hops. Its luscious malt character and bright citrus accents are layered with flavors of cocoa-dusted almonds and raisins.  Speaking of raisins, much of Weighty Bricks’ flavors and aromas come from special varietal raisins we sourced from a small family farm in California. Made from Timpson grapes, these raisins are sun dried and hand tended to ensure deep flavors that are bursting with rich, wine-like character.>

van gogh monet degas

a delightful exhibit at one of my favorite small museums, the frick / it was also a perfect evening to enjoy the outdoor jazz concert  <“summer fridays at the frick“>