obsessed with a chaconne | a shout out to s.l. weiss


i have been listening <drifting to sleep mostly> to chaconne in g minor by silvius leopold weiss almost everyday for nearly two years now  / my overplayed chaconne playlist stats: 76 minutes, 9 different performers, 10 renditions – solo guitar, 4 guitars, 13-string guitar, alto guitar, lute and lute*flute*viol  \  it  is the last movement of weiss’s sonata #14 for lute and flute though only the lute part survives

weiss was a contemporary of bach, the sun that dimmed every other musician of his time \ thus weiss <and johannes hieronymus kapsberger, another muted star of the baroque period> are less known, less appreciated | bach is ferociously difficult to play on guitar for novices like me because he wrote music for the lautenwerk, a type of harpsichord / so transcribed to guitar, bach takes advanced skill to play \ whereas weiss and kapsberger, both accomplished lutenists and < innovators> wrote music for the lute, a cousin of the modern guitar

chaconne in g minor sounds modern to me / no, there’s nothing modern about it, it’s baroque, says my summer guitar guru \ but contrast it to any work by bach <whom i adore and is the original godlike genius> and i say chaconne in g minor is timeless / maybe it’s the medium <the classical guitar> that makes it sound modern at least to my ears and the most appropriate for this piece  / the lute for which it was written, clearly dates it and while some lament the loss of the flute part, i do not

david ratelle gives a flawless, heartfelt performance of this beautiful piece \  this is how i aspire to someday play it / two years listening to it hopefully would have embedded itself in my musical memory so that next summer i will be more than ready to take it on

they don’t make movies like they did in the 70s


a friend was recently watching carrie  and though he was born like 20 years after the movie came out, carrie gave him the feel of the 70s / some of my favorite movies come from that period \  early redford ❤ days of the condor, butch cassidy & the sundance kid, the sting, jeremiah johnson> and early pacino <dog day afternoon, the godfather> they don’t make movies like those anymore /  i cannot think of any actors of this or the previous generation who can claim to be building an equally noteworthy body of work  \ there’s something so polished, shiny and pretty about the actors and movies of the present time – contrast to, as my friend exulted, the rawness of carrie

redford is back!   http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/11/30/robert-redford-is-an-underrated-actor/

discovered the church


thanks to pandora* / the church,an aussie alt rock band from the 80s who sometimes sounds like depeche mode, sometimes like a young r.e.m. \ “the church radio” on pandora brings together for me the right combination of feel and sound from that era, a much better amalgam than “the cure radio” or “the joy division radio”

they widely licensed their only top 40 u.s. hit “under the milky way” / i’d never heard it before nor did it sound familiar, maybe its commercial popularity stayed down under

* its somewhat portly but attractive font is mrs. eaves small caps

while you were asleep

sleep sweeps brain toxins

source:  http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/10/18/236211811/brains-sweep-themselves-clean-of-toxins-during-sleep

brain toxins swept away while we’re sleeping! like a dishwasher!

this is the best science news in recent weeks / it hasn’t been observed with humans \  i wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig  /  they can do the tests during my naps \ does it work during naps?  / is there a threshold length of time for the sweeping to happen?