stickybones has exceeded its indiegogo crowdfunding goal & still has 12 days left \ i am latecomer but not too late to pre-order / it will likely sell at a higher price point when it goes to market given the interest it has generated \ can’t wait to do a stop motion animation project using this!

Stickybones is a new type of super-poseable human figure, constructed with our high-precision, patent-pending joint system.  Stickybones is made to be animated, and excels at holding poses and being smoothly positioned into highly expressive and gravity-defying poses.  Made of industrial strength materials, he’s comprised of interlocking parts with pre-tensioned, snap-to-fit, ball and sockets.  When snapped together, he becomes a highly articulated, precision-posable, bipedal character that can be smoothly and incrementally positioned and animated into an infinite range of possibilities that meet and exceed the natural human range of motion.



you’re welcome, stone brewery berlin!

stone brewery berlinstone brewery’s indiegogo crowdfunding effort was a resounding success:

“Ending its run on Indiegogo on an exciting note, California-based Stone Brewing Company reached $2,532,211 from 13,979 backers. Not only did it surpass its initial $1M goal, the campaign managed to break the crowdfunding giant’s record for most contributions to any campaign in the platform’s history.”

Stone Brewing Company Ends Indiegogo Run at $2.5M; Breaks Record

looking forward to visiting berlin in 2016 when the first american craft brewery in europe opens! / planning a rowing tour of berlin as well

beery good reason to visit berlin in 2016

stone berlin crowdfund i found out on twitter from my favorite brewer dogfish head that their collaborator stone brewery will open a production brewery & restaurant in berlin in late 2015 or early 2016! \ this will make stone the first american craft brewery to own & operate one in europe / such a venture would not be of these social times without a crowdfunding campaign / indeed, stone launched a crowd-participation campaign in indiegogo two days ago

with 26 days left, the goal is to raise $1MM, so far ~$64k  / i would have donated $50 which would get me a dogfish-stone-victory collaborative beer but redeeming it poses a problem <must be picked up at stone in the u.s. which means california or berlin> so i settled for a printed thank-you for a $20 donation \ good excuse to visit berlin in 2016 / and maybe combine it with a rowing tour of europe! yeah!

the birds | two invasions & a roosting

three bird stories

as i looked out my office window on feb 11 to check river conditions, i did notice white stuff right smack in the middle of the allegheny river / turned out to be seagulls \ having a congregation of seagulls  in the steel city is apparently rare <some of them from the arctic!> | they should be hanging out elsewhere but the extreme cold has brought them to us

just like the snowy owls that arrived during thanksgiving <not in pittsburgh>\ snowy owls don’t usually reach the u.s. in their migration | very few are typically spotted in the northernmost states \ aside from landing in very surprising places such as nebraska, kentucky & georgia <!>, the snowy owls also experienced “irruption” or a rapid population boom <thanks to the abundance of lemmings | sorry, lemmings, but such is the natural life> / a very cool thing is that they have equipped some of the beautiful snowy owls such as hungerford pictured above with gps devices that report back data <via cellphone network> every three days \ check out project snowstorm’s wordpress website! / the invasion has turned into a research project <appropriately for our times, it was kickstarted & supported by crowdfunding>

certainly both are welcome invasions especially the owls whom my favorite young artists & i love to portray in our artwork / then there are the pittsburgh bald eagles whom we can observe in real time \ watch earlier videos of them building their nests / currently, they are incubating three eggs / the first one is expected to hatch on march 26!

snowy owls’ location origin & destination

map-owl-sightings-624click to enlarge

meet the gps’d snowies:

businessweek’s 2013 jealousy list

busweek jealousy title

kudos to businessweek for coming up with their first annual jealousy list, a compilation of journalistic pieces in 2013 that the businessweek staff would have killed to write but more benignly have just turned them green with envy & resentment / a great way to call out <interesting * thought-provoking * amusing pieces> that the rest of us missed \ and very gallant & gracious of the businessweek staff

check it out:

my favorites:

  • npr’s “Planet Money Makes A T-shirt” via multi-media traces the creation of a planet money t-shirt from the cotton used in making yarn to the factory where workers & machines spin the yarn to make the t-shirt to the transport of the t-shirt from low-wage factories overseas to the u.s. / an engaging exposition of the economics of production \ what’s cool about this project was that it was funded via kickstarter <and currently selling the t-shirt for $30>
  • it would be shortsighted for mcdonalds not to hear out jeb boniakowski’s vision for a mcworld at new york’s times square <i and my favorite young persons LOVE times square!> in the long titled the awl article “We Must Build An Enormous McWorld In Times Square, A Xanadu Representing A McDonald’s From Every Nation”
  • atul gawande’s new yorker article “Big Med” extols the efficiency of the cheesecake factory and what the health care industry can learn from retail chains \ long an advocate of standardization of practices in hospitals, gawande brings a colorful flavor to this issue by observing the efficient process of the kitchens of the cheesecake factory