maligayang pasko

imagehuge colorfully lit “parol” & lantern-floats paraded around the academic oval of my alma mater the university of the philippines,  diliman campus <12.15.14> \ the u.p. lantern parade, first held in 1922, was one of my favorite christmas traditions …

i hope you are enjoying your traditions in this happy chill out season

::: merry christmas  happy holidays :::

first night

first night1

happy new year from pittsburgh!

awesome pin sculpture by sarika goulatia | wyep artist of the year joy ike and last year’s broken fences | my winter guitar teacher mark lucas quartet | robot on stationary bike @837 liberty ave | circus guy | artful buggies

merry christmas, happy holidays

xmas blog pic - red

the christmas season fills my favorite young people with much excitement & joyful anticipation / they savor and enjoy it the best \ it is one of the rare times that they adamantly just want to stay home /to them, decorating for christmas, the tree & stockings are a must \ i have happily relinquished the chore to them / it is also this time of year that we are once again graced with the goofiness of barney from their baby days <it has become their tradition to watch barney christmas while posing santas & snowmen all over the house> \ i watch as they make their memories of this happy season / indeed my own fondest childhood memories are of pasko in the philippines \ the same excited anticipation for presents, for goodies that only appear during this time of year <apples, grapes & chestnuts imported from our neighbors, china & taiwan> and for traditions <simbang gabi, parol, belen, pagmamano>

and so in this season of goodwill and good tidings, whatever it means to you and how ever you celebrate it <or not>  i hope that you are savoring and enjoying this universal happy chill out time \ merry christmas  happy holidays / and may you have {happy > sad} days, net positive in 2014!

happy thanksGIVing


because that’s how we say it in the ‘burgh / and because i am thankful for the unconditional love of my family | the support & steadiness of friends | the camaraderie of teammates & colleagues | the generosity of coaches, teachers & bosses \ so many changes this past year that would have been completely overwhelming if not for your time, encouragement, jokes, texts, chocolates & lunches, shared rides and infinite little kindnesses  

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