holiday challenge

the holiday erg challenge started on thanksgiving & ends on christmas eve \ row on the erg & the charity of your choice gets $ from concept2 <2 cents per 1k for 100,000 meters which goes up to 4 cents per 1k after 100k>


happy thanksgiving

holidaychallenge2016the holiday erg challenge starts today on thanksgiving & ends on christmas eve \ row <on the erg> & the charity of your choice gets $ from concept2 <2 cents per 1k for 100,000 meters which goes up to 4 cents per 1k after 100k> / the charity i chose this year is the “one acre fund” to help small farmers in africa

happy thanksgiving!  good time to reflect & appreciate the things that we take for granted when we’re caught up with the everyday business of life…


rower’s thanksgiving

kafue holiday challenge 2015

i chose the kafue river & rowing centre in zambia as my charity in concept2’s holiday challenge / begins today! \ my split was a turkey / quite appropriate for today \ happy thanksgiving!

erg challenge

2015 holiday challenge erg

a couple of us in our tdmm rowing team are signing up for concept 2’s holiday challenge <actually initiated by our dragon boating ergmate>/ good way to keep in shape while still enjoying thanksgiving & christmas feasts… and worthy causes would benefit too! \ my goal is to row 5000 meters 5 days a week for 4 weeks / i realized looking at my practice log from last winter that there are a few combinations i can do for variety such as:  2 x 2500,  5 x 1000, 2 x 15 minutes, 3 x 10 minutes, 6 x 5 minutes  and 10 x 500 <yikes!> | my benchmark is 2 x 2500 with 3 minute rest = 5000 meters at 26:43 & 20 spm <this was comfortable> \ wonder how my split will change depending on the structure of the piece / psychologically, distance goals especially countdowns are easier for me than time goals…



erg season begins

ernest erging began last night with inspiring wintery temperatures <4×10 @24-26 | 16 degrees at 7am in pittsburgh> \ our on-the-water season had ended on a swampy note / literally \ three shells were swamped on a windy evening just two tuesdays previously / bad enough that the rowers had to abandon two boats & the other pushed by the rowers to shore \ fortuitously, that evening was also when i volunteered to sit out practice & erg in dry land instead / which was just as well \ don’t know how i would have reacted to sitting waist high in water / bad rowing weather was not peculiar during the latter part of the rowing season \ we rowed in very choppy waters before HOTO was cancelled for the rest of the day / we will now be indoors for awhile

rowing drill | outside arm only

tank practice 22mar14bthree rivers rowing two-day mixed masters  | indoor rowing tank @ millvale boathouse | 22 mar 2014

 my lovely rowing team worked yesterday on technique as we prepare for the on-water season \ the drill was to row with just the outside arm while the inside <feathering> hand clutches the lats / the focus of the “outside arm only” drill are:  to connect with lat muscles | blade control at catch & finish | handle height | blade height during recovery & depth during drive / looking forward to rowing on the river!