vino sotto il cielo toscano


on the way to firenze from venezia, we stopped for lunch at fatorrio il poggio in monte carlo / enjoyed some whites & reds with travel companions \ got extra virgin olive oil manufactured at the vineyard / apparently good for the face!

venezia | giorno e notte

imagei carried my interests in boats & baroque music to venice with a ride on a gondola and a vivaldi concert / and they were the high points of this leg of my trip \ i was quite impressed by the gondoliere’s maneuvering of the gondola around corners in narrow canals / to get around venice your only choices are to walk or take a water taxi or water bus \ bikes are not allowed / & gondolas are for tourists \ really enjoyable & a must for any visitor / our ride came with music too – a baritone singer accompanied by an accordionist!

i’ve forgotten how nice l’inverno is among le quattro stagioni by vivaldi / l’orchestra de i musici veneziani also played albinoni’s adagio & pachelbel’s canone \ couldn’t help but think wow!  i’m listening to vivaldi in his birthplace & his music is being performed by his countrymen / what a treat & a great way to end my visit to venezia