new dogfish pub

the dogfish pub at rehoboth beach was totally redone / the old pub is now the merchandise shop \ the new pub has a stage for live music on fridays & saturdays / the board which lists the drinks is now digital \ the dining booths are hobbit-like / the ceiling is high \ the overall look is industrial / not cozy like the old pub but okay / had the very drinkable “primary caregiver” at lunch

unmitigatedly unmusical ukes


one of the things i find really annoying are the ukuleles sold in non-music stores such those one finds in beach towns / they give ukes a bad rap \ through no intrinsic fault of their own, they are out of tune & seem to have fishing lines as strings / really! \ the uke is probably the easiest plucked string instrument to learn / i bet i can teach a chimp to play it \ what it lacks in range of sound it makes up for cheerfulness & charming goofiness / and so it rankles me that manufacturers create these eye-catching ukes that are for the most part unplayable \ yet they probably carry the naics code as “musical instruments” / boo

i did bring my uke <our household has four> thinking that i will find the time to play it this week

rehoboth kites

rehoboth kite collage“rehoboth kites” | colored pencil & digitized | rehoboth beach de, 04-aug-2014

everyday late in the afternoon or early evening <when there is good flying wind>, rehoboth toy & kite company unleashes a string of fun-shaped colorful kites / it adds a happy, summery, festive atmosphere at rehoboth beach   \ ever since my favorite young people were little / the condo unit that we have been staying in for years is right above the kite store \ and this afternoon delight is one constant rehoboth tradition we look forward to every year