al fresco

lunch al fresco 13 may 2014

one of the nicest things about working dahntahn* is the vast offerings for dining – both cuisine & place / my favored place is out in the sun at either market square <no available table today!> or ppg plaza \ which is where i enjoyed my first day of lunch out! \  it was 93 degrees F at 5pm today! /the polar vortex is a distant memory of negative degrees!

it was definitely sunscreen weather & the air was warm even on the allegheny river at rowing practice / alas for rowers, the forecast does not look good for sunday / the forecasted waterflow is 108 kcfs! \ to compare, the waterflow at 1:30 pm today was 19.3 kcfs  / and the safety zone matrix has max 60 kcfs within the safety limits given certain conditions / if the forecast is realized, our boathouse at washington’s landing will likely be flooded & our equipment will need to be moved to higher ground \ let’s hope we won’t get torrential rain in the next few days!

latebreaking news:  sadly, the pittsburgh penguins lost to the philly rangers <2-1> and ends their season

*pittsburghese for downtown

31st street bridge traffic

31st street bridge  trafficit is just 2.5 miles from downtown pittsburgh where i work to the lambert boathouse yet it took 20 minutes to get there / and this was a good day \ the wait in traffic is so long one can take pictures of the rowers at practice <with the coach on the launch closeby> / i miss the past two years when the 31st street bridge was under construction & was open only to those with any business at washington’s landing | residents, office workers & rowers / first, no traffic and second, a great view of the rowers & scullers in their shells with the pittsburgh skyline as backdrop \ and  i remember one beautiful full moon night on my way home from practice / back then you can get out of the car & take pics / i should have done so….

on-the-water rowing starts!

apr 2014 on-the-water practicei was in dragon boat camp when my rowing team had its first practice on the river \ we went out last tuesday & i rowed starboard / i was fine when we rowed on the square but come time to feather, my left wrist just had no memory or strength to be able do it well \ so on this sunny sunday morning on the allegheny river, i was back as port | i’ve dropped my ambition of being bisweptual / though i am still interested in learning to scull

ports, run your oars

coxing on wind waves1

was what i forgot to say first as we were preparing to get on our 65-foot shell \ but disaster, or rather the embarrassment of flipping a boat by the dock, was averted as my rowers yelled it for me / it was my first time to cox and conditions were far from ideal  \  the strong winds this morning on the allegheny river was producing what is cleverly called “wind waves”  /  from wikipedia:

Wind waves have a certain amount of randomness: subsequent waves differ in height, duration, and shape with limited predictability. They can be described as a stochastic process, in combination with the physics governing their generation, growth, propagation and decay—as well as governing the interdependence between flow quantities such as: the water surface movements, flow velocities and water pressure.

relive the nasty wind waves & our theo troubles <#3’s foot stretchers came off>

i am very bad with spatial directions especially if it involves a vehicle and so:  < direction-challenged novice cox + choppy waters  + no coxbox + theo  > made for an interesting practice /  unfortunately for my teammates, it turned out to be more like an on-the-water coxing clinic and today is our last daylight practice before our final head race  \ steering with the rudder took most of practice time to get used to /  i could not overcome mixing up commands: use bow or #2?  who should be holding water, who should be backing?  \  i could see the frustration in my stroke, an experienced <rower*sculler*cox> practically the shadow cox / but despite the havoc that the wind waves brought and the fact that we were on theo, the team rowed well and she stayed set  / thank you, rowers <especially stroke>

my physique is a distinct disadvantage for a rower but perfect for a coxswain /  i am almost sure my coaches and teammates would have preferred that i turn my passion from rowing to coxing especially during races where my lineup has been, consistently this year,  d.f.l.  \ well, i can see how coxing can be attractive too / today i was simply steering so as not to crash on anything but an experienced cox not only steers but co-plans with the coach on strategy, executes the strategy, is on-the-water coach, motivates and boosts morale, and can be the key to winning a race